We all have unique talents and strengths… things we’re both good at and enjoy doing! Do you know yours? Do you take intentional action to showcase them?

It’s time to clarify and amplify the unique value you bring to your team, department, and organization – a.k.a. your SUPERPOWER!

You’’ll take away actionable strategies to amplify your strengths and share your personal contributions–whether you’re meeting a new coworker or you’re chatting with the CEO in the elevator.

Don’t miss this opportunity to identify, clarify and amplify the distinct value you offer. Your superpower is waiting to be revealed—are you ready to unleash it?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify: You’ll identify your primary professional strength (or “superpower”) by completing the Superpower Discovery and learning about your highest-rated category.

  • Clarify: You’ll create and articulate the unique value your identified superpower brings to your team, department, and company through guided discussions and reflective exercises.

  • Amplify: You’ll develop actionable strategies to intentionally and authentically leverage your superpower in your professional role, fostering greater collaboration, impact, and productivity within your team and organization.


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