Congratulations! You’ve been asked to take on the role of “Project Manager” for a highly visible project! The only issue? You’re not a project manager, and you have NO IDEA where to begin.

In the real world, a lot of projects are led by unofficial project managers. Often high performers trusted to “take on more,” many find themselves leading projects and initiatives without the official job title and without official training. It leads to high stress, low productivity, and major confusion.

This class is specifically designed for the” everyday project manager” who needs to quickly acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to manage projects.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define and use the five stages of the project management framework in a” real world” scenario

  • Gain the critical communication skills necessary to lead a project, communicate to stakeholders, and keep your team on track

  • Use core documentation tools to help you initiate, plan, execute, monitor, and control a project from start to finish


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