See Courtney in action and hear what her participants say about her speaking style and content.

Ready to create something great? Here are ways we can work together to develop your training!

Option 1: Custom Training Creation

Let me get this done for you NOW!
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Description: You need a training class, and you needed it yesterday! Your clients are looking for what’s next—but you have zero time to create anything new!

The Custom Training Creation option is for the busy speaker, coach, or author that needs a training workshop to offer along with their current products and services. This is also a great option for businesses that need training for their associates!

Courtney will partner with you to create a completely unique training program for you to use on your own terms. You’ll receive all you need to deliver a complete in-person workshop or online webinar…all you’ll need to do is prepare to deliver and sell it!

prices dependent on deliverables

Option 2: Content Creation Intensive

Let’s work together to create something great!
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Description: The Content Creation Intensive is for speakers, authors, and coaches that want to take their message to the next level! It’s also great for those that need to create training for their business.

You know what the world needs to hear, and you want to get it out there. But who has the time for that? (You’ve been meaning to create a training class for a while now, but it keeps getting pushed to the bottom of your To Do List.)

If this sounds familiar, this three-day workshop is for you! Working with Courtney and a group of peers a lot like you, you’ll come away with the skills you need to create your own training content. Better yet? This is a “Learn and Do”-style workshop—which means you’ll actually leave with content you need to get started selling your course!

At the end of our time together, you’ll leave with:
  • A process you can use to develop training for any topic

  • Learning objectives that speak to your audience and sell your course

  • Facilitator notes for part of your course

  • Activities that put new knowledge to work and make it “stick” with the learner

  • A “flow” of your specific workshop, including estimated timing for delivery

  • Feedback from Courtney and peers just like you

  • A personalized action plan to help you complete the content design process

  • A delivery preparation plan to guide you in delivering your specific course

  • BONUS! Example materials, PowerPoint tips, and “go to” icebreaker activities!


Next Session: Upon Request


Option 3: Crash Course in Training Design Online Training

What you need to know now!
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Description: Are you a speaker, author, or coach that is motivated to create training to feature their expertise–but has no idea where to start? This course is ideal for someone who wants to create an in-person workshop experience and is dedicated to putting in the work on their own.

In this online training, participants at every level will get a crash course in Instructional Design. You won’t be bored with “adult learning” concepts and presentation pointers…we’ll jump right into the good stuff. You’ll walk away from this session knowing how to set your learning objectives, how to create experiential activities from scratch, and how to set up the flow of your training session so your audience stays engaged!

At the end of our time together, you’ll understand:
  • How to create learning objectives that speak to your audience and sell your course

  • How to create content that will teach new skills to others

  • How to create facilitator notes you can use to deliver your course

  • How to create activities that put new knowledge to work and makes it “stick” with the learner

  • How to create a “flow” for your workshop (What goes where, ideas for timing, when to include a break, etc.)

  • What steps you need to take, and in what order, to create your own content

Coming Soon!

Option 4: Buy the Book!

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Description: Share Your Genius is for anyone that needs a few quick tips to begin creating a training course!

Learn the basics of Instructional Design in a quick and easy-to-read format. Each tip tells you what you need to know in about 400 words or less. Conversational, to the point, and best of all—useful. It’s like having an Courtney on speed dial!

This book is for anyone that’s new to training It will help you create everything you need to share your genius.



Option 5: Customized Keynote or Breakout

Get a crash course in Instructional Design!
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Description: All the good stuff in a hour’s time! Learn quick and easy ways to create your own training from scratch, or elevate what you already have.

This option is a great choice for conferences that target speakers, authors, coaches and entrepreneurs!

You have the expertise. You even wrote a book! What if you could create a workshop to share your genius, all while adding an additional revenue stream to your business?

It is possible, and in this program, you’ll learn how! Using her six step process, Courtney shows you the exact steps she’s used for years to create training for Fortune 500 companies. She’ll also show you one small change you can make to any existing program to make it more impactful to the business, and the key to keeping your content fresh and successful over time.

prices dependent on deliverables