“Courtney’s enthusiasm made a big impact on the audience.  She was able to reach everyone in the room in a way that really helped us reflect and look at our own lives to see the things we should be doing but have consistently put off for no real reason.  She said, “…if we don’t change, nothing changes.”  As simple as it sounds, it was a good reminder to seize the day and to realize that the best time to do something is right now.”

Fred Juarez
Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration, Texas A&M International University

I’ve attended a few sessions with Courtney between last year and this year. She is highly motivating and encouraging. She has great information and makes you feel like you can achieve what is needed. You will not be disappointed. She’s very engaging and knows her stuff!

HRSW 2024 Attendee

I loved the session. I wish it had been longer! I feel like I gained valuable insight on how to have conversations that I tend to put off.

Rebecca Dubiski
President, Landscape Art, Inc.

TNLA was delighted to have Courtney Ramsey as a speaker at our TNLA Lone Star Hort Forum in Grapevine, Texas. Courtney played a crucial role in invigorating our participants and igniting inspiration as they formulated their business plans for the upcoming year. Across her three sessions, Courtney not only motivated our attendees, but also provided valuable tips and skills on cultivating successful leaders, offering foundational feedback, and navigating conflicts through difficult conversations. We anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with Courtney again in the future to share her expertise with the Texas Green Industry.

Sarah Riggins
TNLA Director, Workforce Development
Sean Voskuhl, 2022-2023 OSAE President & AARP Oklahoma State Director
AARP Oklahoma & Oklahoma Society of Association Executives

Courtney’s enthusiasm made a big impact on the audience.  She was able to reach everyone in the room in a way that really helped us reflect and look at our own lives to see the things we should be doing but have consistently put off for no real reason.  She said, “…if we don’t change, nothing changes.”  As simple as it sounds, it was a good reminder to seize the day and to realize that the best time to do something is right now.

Fred Juarez, III, Director of Budget, Payroll, & Fiscal Analysis
Texas A&M International University

I had the privilege of hiring Courtney Ramsey as a leadership skills speaker for the Carolinas Chapter of CMAA.  Her interactive presentation was nothing short of outstanding!  Her ability to captivate the audience was truly impressive. She presented practical strategies that our members could immediately implement in the respective club management roles.  Her insights on fostering collaboration and communication across teams were invaluable, and the interactive exercises she incorporated kept everyone engaged and eager to participate.  The session on delegation was a game changer for our members. Courtney addressed common challenges faced by club managers when it come to entrusting tasks to others on the team.  Our members left the presentation with a sense of confidence in their delegation abilities.  She even follow up with a digital worksheet to help us outline our delegation tasks with our teams.

Nicki Skipper, CCM
Education Chairman | Carolinas Chapter CMAA


Kristen Darby
Founder & CEO, [X] Centered Strategies
Tabitha Turner
MMC Group, Director of Managed Accounts

I had the pleasure to work with Courtney and team, who professionally facilitated a team building meeting between Airport Dimensions and one of our key partners.

Bringing two companies together who have unique cultures and perspectives might be a challenging meeting for some, but not Courtney.

Her facilitation style is smart, insightful and light-hearted, allowing her to capture high levels of engagement throughout the entire meeting. In a post-meeting survey, attendees were asked about what they enjoyed most. It was no surprise to read multiple comments noting “the facilitators were great.” I highly recommend Courtney and her extended team as a speaker and professional meeting facilitator!

Linda C.
Airport Dimentions, Director of Program Partnerships
Courtney was a keynote speaker at the Wallick Communities Annual Learning Event in October 2021. Her session was outstanding! Courtney delivered very meaningful and informative material related to emotional intelligence and self-awareness, and how important these are in becoming a better communicator, team player, and leader. She did this in a way that was super fun. Courtney weaved in group discussions to make it interactive and collaborative, and she shared real life stories that made it relatable. She also did a brilliant job managing a hybrid attendee environment, interacting with both in-person and on-line participants.

Courtney was a big hit with our associates. Courtney is professional, fun, informative, engaging, and knows her stuff. She is a great speaker and can have an impact across all levels of the organization. The content, presentation, and how it was shared, made a lasting impact on how we communicate and work together. I will definitely ask Courtney back for future engagements.

Paul Koehler
CAO, Wallick Communities

Courtney was someone we have been wanting hire since prior to the pandemic. Once our conference came back full-steam, we were finally able to book Courtney as a keynote speaker to close out our entire conference with a full audience. She made it a priority to speak with several of our conference leaders beforehand to learn about who our attendees were, their challenges, and how she could best address their needs. She delivered a thoughtful presentation that resonated deeply with our audience, combining interaction and storytelling. Courtney speaks with passion, focus, and understanding, and we are excited to ask her back next year!

Caroline Fabacher
National Association of Home Builders, Director, Executive Officers Council

I had the pleasure of watching Courtney present at the CAHF Independent Operator Symposium. Courtney is a dynamic orator that provides advice and direction to an organization to develop skills necessary to excel in today’s competitive market. It’s clear she is committed to providing an engaging and resonating experience as her understanding of the content and industry lent to a seamless performance.

Henri Garcia
Senior Sales Director at SRX

Courtney just created an incredibly relatable and inspiring training for my team around leading through influence. She was real, fun, posed, intentional… I could go on and on. She took the time to get to know the team and even used their testimonials throughout the presentation. I would highly recommend Courtney! She is a class act.

Megan Murray
Senior Director, Field Operations at ULTA

Courtney has spoken for my association on several occasions, for a large general session and for a very select group of leaders. In both cases she hit it out of the park. Courtney makes an effort to connect during the planning phase to be sure her talk is catered to her audience, and they definitely feel that connection to who they are and what they do. She is a true professional and a dream to work with – all the things you hope for as a planner – communicative, punctual, and flexible. I will always try to work her into my program!

Laura Thomas
CAHF, Director of Meetings & Member Services

Thank you so much for encouraging us to be authentic and vulnerable. You are a great facilitator!

Lindsey Gonzalez
HEB, Store Leader

Courtney Ramsey was a speaker for a Leadership class that I was part of in Perryton, Texas. On this day her message was on the influence formula which consists of four different areas (and) the two that had the most impact on me this day was awareness and trustworthiness. The trustworthiness really hit home for me on this day has there was many things that I learned and can now apply to the work situation that I have.

Kelsey Teneyck
USDA Farm Service Agency

A+ session. Courtney is a fabulous and extremely talented facilitator who’s great at getting people to share their thoughts and keep the discussion moving, engaging, and productive. The format of this session was also excellent, with the things we were discussing on the screen for us all to see at the same time, and key points also being reinforced verbally by Courtney. I’m really looking forward to next week and having time to learn and discuss more!

Virtual Attendee
Pew Charitable Trusts

Courtney was wonderful and brought great energy to the session.

Virtual Attendee

As the Director of Corporate Programs & Fundraising, I get to see speakers in a variety of virtual and live events. As the moderator for a virtual panel event, Courtney worked together with the panelists to cover many great insights, tips, wisdom, etc. She also did an incredible job of engaging our audience and making them feel they were a vital piece to the event as well. We received great feedback from our members and I look forward to collaborating again!

Candice Tubera
Chief Programs Officer at UPWARD Women


Kayle Neegaard & Sara Jelinek
Jaybird Senior Living

(Courtney’s) message, delivery and energy is different than any other speaker I’ve heard – (she has) a gift.

Amy Albery
CEO at Wallick Communities

Courtney brings great energy in her presentations and delivers clear, actionable messages that will benefit her audience. At the conclusion of her “How to have tough conversations” seminar, our members were able to leave with some solid examples and role play experience to put what they learned into action in their lives. Thank you Courtney for sharing your expertise and experience!

Juli Richards
Murphy Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director

It’s material that I should be doing, but I never have the time to sit down and actually write it out. I liked being able to write everything out. The structure of the session was great too! Courtney is wonderful.

Virtual Attendee

Courtney Ramsey is amazing!!! Super inclusive and bright!I really feel like each hour of our sessions are very immersive and gets you thinking! More of these please! They really help me feel as important as I know I am.

Virtual Attendee
Riveron/Riverwin Group

Courtney was an excellent facilitator; she’s a great presenter and great at leading the conversation and keeping the discussion going while ensuring that everyone has a chance to share their input at various points throughout the session.

Virtual Attendee
Pew Charitable Trusts

Wonderful ZOOM Meeting personality and capability. I like the participation and small groups. Facilitator keeps you engaged and comes through as an expert in the topic.

Virtual Attendee
Pew Charitable Trusts
Terry Baker
University of Richmond, Executive Director

As always, I enjoyed every minute of this training! Courtney, you’re so knowledgeable and such an amazing facilitator!

Virtual Attendee
Pew Charitable Trusts
Bob Sullivan
Yale University, Senior Director Hospitality

This has been one my favorite sessions. I arrived exhausted from the intense work over the last weeks but the content and the rhythm was so good that kept me engaged in moments that I could have feel asleep on top of the desk.

Virtual Attendee
Red Cross

The skills we learned are beyond what we will use at work…Courtney taught us life lessons.

Conrad Soliz

All of the sessions have been great and valuable. However, I found this session to be one of the most valuable so far. It was full of immediately applicable concepts!

Virtual Attendee
Red Cross

I loved how professional and thoughtful the presenter was. I appreciated her subject matter expertise and ability to navigate the time we had while allowing everybody who had a question to speak. Her organizational and technical skills were phenomenal! I love that they had back-ups planned and she was transparent with us!

Virtual Attendee
Red Cross

The session today was wonderful! Courtney is an outstanding example of how to present content virtually. I appreciate the collaboration and engagement with the cohort.

Kathleen O'dowd
The American Red Cross

Thanks for a great session. The time went so fast! I was engaged and interested the entire time. Well done!

Virtual Attendee
Bayer Healthcare

As Dean of the North Texas NSA Speaker’s Academy, I called on Courtney, knowing her strong training background, to set up a new, more structured curriculum. Courtney has the ability to understand the issues and communicate the specifics of what needs to be done.

Nikki Nanos
Speaker & 2017-2018 Dean, Charbonneau Speakers Academy, NSA NT Chapter

Courtney maintains a wonderfully energetic flow and utilizes a variety of interactive training techniques to keep participants engaged and focused long after her sessions end. Her warmth, enthusiasm and energy are absolutely infectious, and attendees love her!

Donna M.
Speaker, Author, Consultant | Disability Diplomat

Courtney has a unique talent in delivering the scary message of change through an inspiring and engaging speech. She can transition from being serious to being funny in a heartbeat. Her content is relevant and actionable. I could listen to her for hours!

Yoram S.
PhD, Managing Partner | Large Scale Creativity

One of the best attributes of Courtney’s speaking is her great sense of humor-which she uses to drive home excellent points. Her speaking is bright, witty, and engaging.

Alex R.
CEO | All Aboard Travel
Meda & Karen
Breakout Attendees

Courtney Ramsey is amazing! Super inclusive and bright! I really feel like each hour of our sessions are very immersive and gets you thinking! More of these please. They really help me feel as important as I know I am.

Virtual Attendee

Courtney has the “IT” factor that draws people in which makes her a phenomenally persuasive speaker and trainer. Whether the group size is 20 or 200, she can connect with and inspire each person in the room to push through obstacles and find new ways to achieve better results.

Debra H. J.
Speaker & Consultant | Accelerate Your Wisdom Curve®
NACUFS, Events Professional
PPAI Women's Leadership Conference

After attending a virtual session Courtney moderated, I was so impressed that I invited her to work with me on a virtual program for our company’s Women In STEM organization.  Courtney was highly engaging, extremely charming, and very savvy with the digital platform. We received lots of positive feedback from our members, and I highly recommend Courtney as a speaker and trainer!

Dianne E.
Director | Scotch Yoke & Linear, Emerson