Courtney was a keynote speaker at the Wallick Communities Annual Learning Event in October 2021. Her session was outstanding! Courtney delivered very meaningful and informative material related to emotional intelligence and self-awareness, and how important these are in becoming a better communicator, team player, and leader. She did this in a way that was super fun. Courtney weaved in group discussions to make it interactive and collaborative, and she shared real life stories that made it relatable. She also did a brilliant job managing a hybrid attendee environment, interacting with both in-person and on-line participants.

Courtney was a big hit with our associates. Courtney is professional, fun, informative, engaging, and knows her stuff. She is a great speaker and can have an impact across all levels of the organization. The content, presentation, and how it was shared, made a lasting impact on how we communicate and work together. I will definitely ask Courtney back for future engagements.