The skills we learned are beyond what we will use at work…Courtney taught us life lessons.


Why Choose Courtney?

Whether it's working with high-performing individual contributors or new leaders, Courtney empowers her audiences with new skills they can incorporate into their daily routine.

Courtney feels that every keynote should leave the audience with tangible take-aways they can implement immediately.


Interactive keynotes and breakouts focused on behavioral changes that lead to workplace success.

Quit Hitting Snooze™ on Employee Retention: Engage & Empower Your Team NOW

The snooze button exists on more than just alarm clocks. As leaders, we hit snooze every time we avoid giving constructive feedback, put off developing our team, or refuse to take time to innovate. We say we'll get around to it "tomorrow," but that rarely happens.

It's time to address and prioritize the things most leaders avoid.

After this eye-opening talk, you'll leave with a strategies to quit hitting snooze™ on the things that are robbing you and your team of fulfillment, success, and engagement at work!

The Art of Tough Conversation: Move Past Tension to Get Results

No one enjoys having tough conversations. They're sticky at home, and they can be a nightmare at work. Most of us avoid the uncomfortable, and it's costly! What if we started having the conversations that matter?

In this program based on her 2022 TEDx Talk, Courtney shows you how to take on tough conversations so you can move past the tension. It's time to get the business results and employee retention you need.

Recession-proof Talent Development: Equipping Employees for Career Success

Today's workforce demands more. Sure they want more pay and balance, but did you also know they want more development?

It's true! Training your talent is one of the best ways to up your engagement and retention numbers.

In this fast-paced session, you'll learn quick strategies to identify an employee's greatest development need and easy ways to create on the job development experiences. Better yet--you'll learn how to do it on a budget!

Custom-Tailored Programs

Looking for more? Need a custom-tailored message?
Here are a few of Courtney's specialties:


  • Communication Styles (DiSC)

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Feedback and Coaching

  • Self-Promotion

  • Hard Conversations

  • Presentation Skills


  • Team Alignment

  • Leadership Styles

  • Strategic Communication

  • Relationship Building & Influence

  • Performance Management

  • Emotional Intelligence


  • Facilitating for New Trainers

  • Designing Effective Curriculum

  • Making Training Interactive

  • Creating a Training Strategy

  • Getting Training to Stick

  • Creating Powerful PowerPoint


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