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With over 15 years of experience in corporate Learning & Development / Human Resources, Courtney Ramsey knows about changing behaviors! As a leadership skills speaker and trainer, she delivers experiential programs that impact business results and inspire the audience!

Courtney finds ways to get the audience involved and in motion, giving them an experience they’ll remember and actions they can immediately implement in their professional lives.

In addition to keynotes, Courtney specializes in creating and facilitating professional development programs that empower and motivate. She also teaches speakers, authors, and coaches to create their own workshops to share their expertise.

She recently authored her first book, Share Your Genius: 35 Tips to Create Training That Transforms.

Over the years, Courtney trained over 20 thousand associates in the areas of leadership, business management, conflict resolution, effective communication, and operations, helping companies like JCPenney, Sephora inside JCPenney, and Zale Corporation save millions of dollars.

She received her MBA and BBA in Marketing from Texas A&M University. She holds her Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification, is a Certified Training Professional with the Association for Talent Development, and is a certified facilitator for Fierce Conversations. She’s also a professional member of the National Speakers Association and was Dean of the Charbonneau Speakers Academy for the North Texas Chapter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Courtney different from other leadership skills speakers and trainers?

With years of experience working on corporate teams and training over 10K leaders and associates per year, Courtney is focused on behavioral changes that lead to workplace success. Whether it’s working with high-performing individual contributors or new leaders, Courtney empowers her audiences with new skills they can incorporate into their daily routine.

No matter what the format of the program, Courtney offers training customized training solutions that impact business results, productivity, and engagement.

What can I expect from Courtney as a keynote speaker?

You can expect a good mix of content that keeps an audience engaged and teaches them something new. With her experience in Learning & Development, Courtney knows that simply motivating isn’t enough. Being entertaining isn’t enough. Courtney feels that every keynote should leave the audience with tangible take-aways they can try out immediately.

Courtney also tailors her talks to the best of her ability. This means speaking to 10+ audience members at least six weeks ahead of the talk to learn about the unique challenges her clients face. It also means customizing her content to match the audience’s needs and the client’s desired outcomes.

What can I expect from Courtney as a breakout speaker?

You can expect interaction! Courtney looks at breakouts as mini-training sessions. That means it’s about impacting behavior changes and giving more of the “HOW” after quickly sharing the “WHY.”

Courtney’s pet peeve is when keynote speakers treat breakout sessions as regular speeches. No activities, no discussion, and little to no audience involvement. As a life-long learner, she wants her participants to share their current knowledge, share their experiences on the topic, and feel empowered with new skills.

Does Courtney present virtual programs?

Yes! Courtney is certified in virtual program delivery through eSpeakers and has led many sessions online. She enjoys using Zoom breakout rooms to give her participants time to share their knowledge on the topic, as well as get to know their peers. She also finds ways to use chat, annotation, and emoticons when the resources are available.

What sort of consulting does Courtney do?

Courtney typically consults with companies whose training team is under resourced, under skilled, or non-existent!

Under resourced teams simply have too much work and not enough people. In this case, Courtney usually works on a project basis, taking it on from research and analysis to final delivery. In this case, the final intellectual property might be owned by the client or licensed to them.

Under skilled teams often lack in an area of knowledge and need further development or training. Companies with this issue may hire Courtney to train their teams in their area of opportunity. (E.g. A “Train-the-Trainer” course to solve for facilitation needs or a class in Instructional Design for a team with little to no experience creating its “from scratch” content.)

In other cases, companies may hire Courtney to complete the work outright. (E.g. Creating eLearning courses.)

Occasionally companies need a full-time training team, but don’t want to hire one! In this situation, Courtney works with her clients to analyze their needs and create customized training solutions.

When is the best time to book a speaker?

Unless you want a “canned” talk or breakout session that could apply to just about anyone, be sure to book your speaker at least four months out. This allows the speaker time to do ample research and customize the program to your needs.

What’s the best way to maximize the fee I pay for a speaker?

Keep in mind that most speakers do not do engagements for different clients on the same day, and they usually travel in the day before to ensure they arrive on time.

If you’re paying a speaker’s full keynote fee, ask if they’ll also do a breakout session for you. If you can book the breakout at a time that still allows the speaker to get a flight home that evening, you’ll often get a YES! Another option is to have the speaker participate on or moderate a panel discussion on the same day. Many speakers will do as much as they can for a minimal additional cost.

Get creative and consider other ways the speaker can help you promote their event. You might ask them to post about your event on social media and use specific hashtags. You might also ask them to make short “teaser” video you can use upfront in the selection process, as well as to promote the event later on.

Where can I see more videos of Courtney?

Check out Courtney’s YouTube page: Courtney’s YouTube Channel

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