Customized training programs, presentations, and coaching that help you make a lasting impression.

 Leadership Development Coaching

Are you ready to become an even better leader? Your leadership evolution begins with a partnership built on trust and growth.

In a supportive and personalized setting, we’ll navigate challenges, refine your leadership style, and set you on a path to success.

Let’s work together to unlock your full potential and achieve your professional goals.

Training Facilitation & Creation/Instructional Design

Need training for your team? Don’t want to buy overpriced “off the shelf” content that’s not customized to your unique business?

I create and facilitate personalized training for the specific needs of your team and business! I specialize in instructor-led workshops, eLearning, train-the-trainer workshops, training videos, and self-paced training.

Presentation Design (Powerpoint/Keynote)

There’s a reason so many people hate PowerPoint and Keynote…most presenters use it as a crutch, not for audience engagement!

I love taking a boring, bullet-laden presentation and elevating it to something beautiful, while keeping the speaker the star of the show. Slides are like a sidekick—they should never upstage the Hero…you!

Custom Content Creation

Clear, clean, and concise. These are my rules for good communication.

Whether you need a ghost writer for your keynote speech, a template to make your proposals look more professional, a one-sheet to promote your keynote, or a pitch deck, I can help!

Speech & Presentation Coaching

New to reading TelePrompTer? Want to nail the delivery of your next speech? New to training, and need some guidance on facilitation?

I love helping people become better communicators! Let me help you prepare for your next speaking event–big or small!


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