The snooze button exists on more than just alarm clocks.
it’s time to wake up and quit hitting snooze!

Fans Say…

“Courtney has the “IT” factor that draws people in which makes her a phenomenally persuasive speaker and trainer. Whether the group size is 20 or 200, she can connect with and inspire each person in the room to push through obstacles and find new ways to achieve better results.”

Debra Hunter Johnson, Speaker & Consultant, Accelerate Your Wisdom Curve®
“One of the best attributes of Courtney’s speaking is her great sense of humor-which she uses to drive home excellent points. Her speaking is bright, witty, and engaging. “
Alex Ramsey, Speaker and Owner, All Aboard Travel

“Courtney has a unique talent in delivering the scary message of change through an inspiring and engaging speech. She can transition from being serious to being funny in a heartbeat. Her content is relevant and actionable. I could listen to her for hours!”

Yoram Solomon, PhD, Managing Partner, Large Scale Creativity

“The skills we learned are beyond what we will use on the (sales floor). Y’all taught us life lessons. This training was next-level. This company is so ahead of the business. I am so excited to see where I go next!”

Conrad Soliz, Retail Manager, Sephora inside JCPenney

“Courtney maintains a wonderfully energetic flow and utilizes a variety of interactive training techniques to keep participants engaged and focused long after her sessions end. Her warmth, enthusiasm and energy are absolutely infectious, and attendees love her!”

Donna Mack, Speaker, Author, Consultant, Disability Diplomat

“As Dean of the North Texas NSA Speaker’s Academy, I called on Courtney, knowing her strong training background, to set up a new, more structured curriculum. Courtney has the ability to understand the issues and communicate the specifics of what needs to be done.”

Nikki Nanos, Speaker & 2017-2018 Dean, Charbonneau Speakers Academy, NSA NT Chapter

“I wanted some new, stylish, and professional marketing materials. Courtney did an amazing job and is super easy to work with. And, wait for it, I got it back before the deadline! I already received great feedback from meeting planners! Do yourself and your business a favor and contact Courtney!”

Jessica Rector, Speaker & Author, Jessica Rector, International

“Courtney is a great resource for speakers! She just finished designing and creating slides for my new webinar, and I love them! She’s easy to work with and stayed on budget!”

Audrey Thomas, International Speaker & Author, Organized Audrey, LLC

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I have one mission in life, and it’s to help you engage, retain, and develop your talent!
Here are a few ways I can help.

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Keynotes that educate and inspire…Courtney has what it takes to connect to your audience and facilitate real change.

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Is it time for real transformation? Do you want to change the way you and your employees look at engagement and retention? Let’s talk!

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Consulting & Design

Ready to share your genius? Courtney works with businesses to create original training, workshops, speeches, and presentations.



So how does one become a keynote speaker, content creator, and Learning and Development consultant? Everyone has a story! Mine starts back in eighth grade when I had to do an impromptu speech in English class. I quickly found out that I was one of the few people that loved public speaking! That love continued in high school, where I competed in weekend speech and debate tournaments.

Yeah, I wasn’t exactly the cool kid, but I’m okay with it! I’m one of the lucky few who found something they love to do before I even graduated high school! Here’s a little more on my education and career to date.


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Courtney Ramsey, Leadership Skills Speaker, Consulting & Leadership Training for Business, Employee Leadership, Retention & Team Development. Conference Keynote Speaker, Employee Engagement Speaker. Hire Courtney Ramsey for Leadership Skills Development, Leadership Skills Consulting & Conference Speaker USA

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