clients Say…

“After attending a virtual session Courtney moderated, I was so impressed that I invited her to work with me on a virtual program for our company’s Women In STEM organization.  Courtney was highly engaging, extremely charming, and very savvy with the digital platform. We received lots of positive feedback from our members, and I highly recommend Courtney as a speaker and trainer!”

Dianne E. | Director | Scotch Yoke & Linear, Emerson

“The skills we learned are beyond what we will use on the (sales floor). Y’all taught us life lessons. This training was next-level. This company is so ahead of the business. I am so excited to see where I go next!”

Conrad S. | Retail Manager | Sephora inside JCPenney

“The session today was wonderful! Courtney is an outstanding example of how to present content virtually. I appreciate the collaboration and engagement with the cohort.”

Kathleen O. | Leadership Development | The American Red Cross

“Courtney has the “IT” factor that draws people in which makes her a phenomenally persuasive speaker and trainer. Whether the group size is 20 or 200, she can connect with and inspire each person in the room to push through obstacles and find new ways to achieve better results.”

Debra H. J. | Speaker & Consultant | Accelerate Your Wisdom Curve®

Courtney Ramsey is amazing! Super inclusive and bright! I really feel like each hour of our sessions are very immersive and gets you thinking! More of these please.  They really help me feel as important as I know I am.

Virtual Attendee | Riveron

“One of the best attributes of Courtney’s speaking is her great sense of humor-which she uses to drive home excellent points. Her speaking is bright, witty, and engaging. “

Alex R. |CEO | All Aboard Travel

“Courtney has a unique talent in delivering the scary message of change through an inspiring and engaging speech. She can transition from being serious to being funny in a heartbeat. Her content is relevant and actionable. I could listen to her for hours!”

Yoram S. | PhD, Managing Partner | Large Scale Creativity

“Courtney maintains a wonderfully energetic flow and utilizes a variety of interactive training techniques to keep participants engaged and focused long after her sessions end. Her warmth, enthusiasm and energy are absolutely infectious, and attendees love her!”

Donna M. | Speaker, Author, Consultant | Disability Diplomat

“As Dean of the North Texas NSA Speaker’s Academy, I called on Courtney, knowing her strong training background, to set up a new, more structured curriculum. Courtney has the ability to understand the issues and communicate the specifics of what needs to be done.”

Nikki Nanos, Speaker & 2017-2018 Dean, Charbonneau Speakers Academy, NSA NT Chapter

Let’s work together!

My name is Courtney, and I help people become more effective leaders.

Whether you need leadership skills training for your group or custom-designed training content, here are a few ways I can help.

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Keynotes & Talks

Keynotes that actually develop more effective leaders? Yes, that’s a thing! Let’s work together to begin facilitating real change.

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Workshops & Breakouts

Do you want to change the way you and your employees look at leadership, productivity, and engagement? Let’s talk!

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Consulting & Design

Ready to share your genius? Courtney works with businesses to create original training, workshops, speeches, and presentations.

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Training for Trainers

Creating good training and facilitating takes work! Let Courtney help you take your skills to the next level so you can stand out!

Courtney holds the following certifications and is a member of NSA North Texas.

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So what makes someone want to become a leadership skills speaker and passionate about professional development?

Perhaps the bigger question: What makes someone want to actually speak… in public… for a living?

Everyone has a story! Mine starts back in eighth grade when I had to do an impromptu speech in English class. I quickly found out that I was one of the few people who loved public speaking! That love continued in high school, where I competed in weekend speech and debate tournaments.

I wasn’t exactly the cool kid back then, and let’s be honest. I’m not that cool today. I am, however, one of the lucky few who found something I loved before graduating high school. My passion for speaking stuck with me, and part of me still wishes I could hop on an unairconditioned school bus to compete in a weekend speech tourney. (I’m embarrassed I just put that in print.)

After working for various corporate retailers, I found my home in the world of training and development. After seeing so many great individual contributors promoted to leadership roles without any training, I knew something had to change.

No one means for it to happen, but all too often, leadership development is put off. It’s like hitting the snooze button. We can put it off a few times, but eventually, it catches up to us. Suddenly we have a new job and a new team, and we have no idea what we’re doing. Though we try our best to swim, most of the time we sink.

That’s where I come in. Whether in a keynote address or a breakout training session, I help high performers gain the skills they need to be successful leaders of people. I feel a good session is equal parts inspiration and actionable takeaways. Leadership is a skill, and with practice and dedication, decent managers can become great leaders.

What else should you know about me? Well, I’m a wife to a fantastic guy, a mom to an adorable son, and dog-mom to a crazy Shepard mix named Charleigh. I also love sitting on the couch with a dirty martini and watching Dateline NBC. (But that’s another story for another time.)

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