Retain Your Workforce

Upskill Your Team

Calibrate Your Communication

Facilitating real change for audiences all over the country.

Leadership Skills Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant

Do organizational leadership challenges have you hiding under the covers? Are you…

  • Losing money and resources because personnel issues and low productivity are plaguing your ranks?

  • Fighting a losing morale battle due to increasing turnover and tanking employee engagement?

  • Wasting time and energy trying to get your team aligned and speaking the same language?

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Here’s some good news.

You have a training problem, not a people problem. You need training that is…



Keynotes that actually develop more effective leaders? Yes, that’s a thing! Let’s work together to begin facilitating real change.

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Do you want to change the way you and your employees look at leadership, productivity, and engagement? Let’s talk!



Ready to share your genius? Courtney works with businesses to create original training, workshops, speeches, and presentations.


Making a lasting, positive impact on your organizational culture.

Retain Your Workforce

You’ve heard it before. “People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers.” Create an environment of leadership excellence & stop turnover in its tracks.

Upskill Your Team

Motivate and inspire your workforce to engage in the organization by investing in the structural integrity of its foundation… its leaders.

Calibrate Your Communication

Unite your leaders by creating a leadership language that aligns the entire organization around your goals.

Train your leaders today for better engagement & retention tomorrow.

Your rockstar producer just got promoted to manager, is failing miserably, and you don't know what to do.

Courtney sees it all the time.

High performing individual contributors get promoted to leadership roles that they simply aren't prepared for. It's frustrating to realize that your new leaders' current skills are lacking and they don't have the tools to succeed.

Leadership development may not have been your focus before, but it's not too late to implement a solid plan.

Courtney just created an incredibly relatable and inspiring training for my team around leading through influence. She was real, fun, posed, intentional… I could go on and on. She took the time to get to know the team and even used their testimonials throughout the presentation. I would highly recommend Courtney! She is a class act.

Megan Murray
Senior Director, Field Operations at ULTA

Thanks for a great session. The time went so fast! I was engaged and interested the entire time. Well done!

Virtual Attendee
Bayer Healthcare
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Yes, you can still have successful leaders.

The tools you need to give them to succeed are right here, at your fingertips.

As a leadership speaker and trainer, Courtney Ramsey has spent over 20 years training tens of thousands of emerging leaders in people management, conflict resolution, and communication.

She's observed the habits of highly successful leaders and the downfalls of those who failed to make the transition from "hi-po" to "leader."

Through interactive keynotes and training, Courtney focuses on getting to the root cause of most leadership issues, relationships and communication. She provides actionable techniques that can be applied immediately for change that is seen and felt TODAY!

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Courtney helps you unleash the full potential of your organization by teaching emerging leaders the skills they need to successfully lead their teams.

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